Stick to The Status Quo?

Sticking to the status quo?

Holy crap, I just drew something that seems passable! Enough to make it my logo and homepage banner. Made it on procreate, had some sort of visual guide from a random image on the web. Hmm, does look a bit sinister, like a rabbit who would pass as a pimp, but hey, art nonetheless?

To be honest, I’m really lousy at drawing. Some of my friends actually sat me down and straight up told me “just stick with what you know”. That comment made me feel like I was in the high school musical scene when they sang “Stick to the status quo”. It lingered for quite some time until I got fed up and just tried to excel on the next thing that interests me.

The first few things were web development and playing the piano. Totally different, but both involve keyboards. HA! Now that I think about it, can’t help but feel that those were keys to a realm in which I currently reside.

I’m nothing near a success story. However, I’d be happy to shout out that I am (partially) unbound and free to experience whatever I wanted. Partially, because I’m still working on getting out of something that binds me to stress. This blog helps me release some tension while I look for kindred spirits among the readers, most importantly try to have fun.

One tiny problem though, I sometimes find myself not being able to focus on one topic at a time. An uncrowned king of random thoughts.

So fuck you status quo. Heh! My drawing is enough proof that almost everything can be learned. A huge development for me from drawing stick humans to a sinister rabbit pimp!

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