About Me

I don’t usually draw. So the moment I do, I post it on every part of my site.

Okay, so I’ll just repeating what I’ve said on the Homepage for those lazy enough to scroll down beyond the timeline.

Oh hello there! This is a bit awkward. I might not be able to introduce myself completely. I’d like to be partially shrouded as I journey through creating content for this blog. I love a good mystery, thus being a bit mysterious about my identity sounds appealing. Also, the comfort of being in a cool and tiny dark hole soothes me.

However, here are some few things I’d like to be candid about.. This blog will be free of any annoying restraint. I’m a web developer, an occasional ghost writer, and a sales professional. I love rabbits and I hate cats. Dogs are okay as long as they don’t eat the cuddly ones and fucking behave themselves.

The only thing that scares me are cockroaches. I hate them with every fiber of my being. Why? aside from them being cocks, some actually had an orgy on top of my naked stomach when I fell asleep under my bed as a kid. Fuck you trauma! Well enjoy.

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