Quack Quack Motherfuckers

Duck, tales..

Today I realized that the state of the world is in deeper shit than I’ve imagined. I’ve been seeing more and more uninvited inhabitants squatting nearby! Like this duck for example. Normally, ducks can be found on lakes or ponds. But now, as you can see, they are invading our neighbor’s roof. Well, they are not really doing any harm (for now), but I’ll be damned if I wake up and find them at my balcony, destroying my plants.

You see, I’m a condo rabbit and this sight is not to be expected when you’re living a condo-life. I don’t have any particular issues with ducks, unless they are undercooked. In fact, I actually find them amusing and tasty. Ah foie gras. At the moment, my kid loves looking at the window saying quack quack for 30 mins a day. Trust me, it’s adorable.

I just wish that I could also do the same and shout out “Quack Quack Motherfuckers” then throw a loaf of bread to compensate for my rudeness.

A few hours later…

As we observed, we saw a cat trying to sum up his courage and bring out his inner Mufasa. We were waiting for an epic fight, but he eventually chickened out after a 10 minute staring battle with Hector (we named the duck hector by the way, coz’ he’s badass). As for the cat, because of his shameful defeat, we thought that he not deserve to be named, so we just called him “pussy”.

In my opinion, Hector has the best of both worlds. He’s badass and delicious at the same time! I mean roosters are badass and muscular, but have you ever tried eating one that was bred for cockfighting? My uncle cooks them whenever they lost a fight and they taste nasty as hell. Well, all I can say is that strong and lean cocks aren’t edible and they’re pretty damn difficult to swallow. Instead, they need to be cared for and caressed until the day they die.

As for Hector, I might probably try setting up a trap and see where it gets me. Who knows? Dinner might be free for the next 3 days. Here’s another pic to remember him by.

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