Decisions that can Change Your Life

Once in a while, you encounter decisions that can change the course of your life. It can turn your life from technicolor to black & white and vise versa. But the fact is, you won’t really know what happens next. These life decissions leads you to reflect and try to analyze the situation the best you could. Do you take a leap of faith? Do you play safe? Who the fuck knows? You will only be able to answer once you have experience the hardships/successes that follows.

This mostly happens in career shifts or decisions that make or break a relationship. It’s usually something that eats you from inside out. It may also affect others that depend on you, like friends or family.

Experience Based Decisions


The thing is, when you have experienced shit in the past, you make a promise to yourself not to experience shit again. You make it a mission to avoid it by any means necessary. But these “Shits” are the lessons in life that are deemed to be the most valuable of all. Things like being left behind to handle a financial problem so big that you would probably need to sell your body and soul. Or choosing to give up on something you have worked so hard to build.

Everyday millions of people experience this and everyday they ask themselves “how do I move forward”. These decisions that can change your life often needs alot of thinking. You need to ponder and keep asking yourself, is this the right choice?

Beng a person who went through a fair share of “tough shit” in life, I made it a point to always have a backup. Always have something planned before a big decison. But now I don’t. I tremble in fear and excitement, looking forwardward for whats next. Like reading a new book witout knowing its genre and title. Will I find it interesting or dull?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that having plans can be very helpful. However, from time to time, delving into the thrill of not knowing what happens next gives life more excitement. The adrenaline rush of finding your new purpose, as how a new parent feels when trying to figure out how to raise their child.

At the time of writing, I am at a predicament career-wise. Although I have managed to survive being in tremendous financial risk. And I know that I’ll push myself to the break the limits. I still ask myself a thousand times a day. Play it safe? or Roll the Dice?

How about you?

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