Backstory, why CATS are SHIT!

In relation to About Me, Post # 1, and the most recent Post # 5, you might be wondering why I hate cats, let me tell you my story.

Back when I was a small rabbit, too tiny to be out in the open, I had two favourite relatives; my aunt Bunny and my uncle Clyde. Together they were Bunny and Clyde. Innocent and domesticated, they were rabbits who were kept safe by their loving owner.

One day, when my aunt Bunny was pregnant with my cousins, their owner decided that it might be healthy for Bunny and Clyde to roam around freely on a vacant field.

The owner’s best friend at that time had a really large patch of land at the back of their provincial house; he invited him to come visit and release the my aunt and uncle there. The owner was a young fellow and not really that knowledgable about all things rabbit. He didn’t even know that rabbits are distant relatives of rodents. (bonus: we are also distant relatives of horses).

Cats and fucktards

So there they were, my relatives, running around happily on an unknown patch of land. It was probably their first taste of sweet freedom. Suddenly, cousins of the owner’s best friends (too long.. lets call them fucktards) called out their cats. There were 4 cats and they were ferocious, they chased and pounced Bunny and Clyde as if they were lions at their prime. They didn’t have a chance.

The owner, sprinted towards the cats who held my lifeless relatives by the nape but sadly, they were long gone. I was told that those fucktards laughed and laughed as they saw such savagery. And the cats? They looked happy as if they played a game and won.

The owner cried for days while my lifeless uncle and aunt (with her unborn children in her belly) lay inside a shoebox waiting for their eulogy. Three days after they were laid to rest, the owner got a “pellet” gun (airgun) and shot the fucktards repeatedly in the face and wherever he saw fit. The owner was enraged and only saw black! If not for his uncle who was with him at that time, he would have seriously injured the fucktards. He was a kid but that kid became a demon hungry for revenge. He tried to look for the cats to torture & kill them but was not able to.


I was raised the same owner. But the owner became different. No longer a docile creature, he was over-protective in a way where he didn’t take shit from others anymore. He also taught me how to fight and become badass, a kill or be killed kind of gangsta. Thus, I ended up like this – distinctively sinister but cute. And that’s why I hate fucking pussies.

I did, however, toned down a little for the sake of my child. I only release my pent up anger here (for now).

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