But Why Though – A new Segment?

So we’re starting a segment called “but why though”. As some of my friends would know (wherever they are), I’m quite the inquisitive kind of rabbit who loves reasearch and answer questions out of the blue. Also despite my sinister appearance, I’m a type of being who’s mindful about feelings of others. Careful as to what pile of shit I might step on and what others would feel about what I have to say.

However, if you’ve been reading my previous posts, none of those sappy things matter here. This blog is all about all kinds of release (yes that too), freedom of speech, and possibly tactlessness. I wanted to prove that rabbits aren’t only good at fucking or being furry pornstars, they have a future in writing too!

but why though

How and Why?

The segment But Why Though (AKA But y tho / BWT) is all about a rabbits perspective on a topic. It should almost always answer a question based on facts, factoids, or straight up bullshit. You may or may not experience a myriad of persona from a furry bastard behind the keyboard as you absorb unrefined content.

Of course, the goal here is a win-win type of relationship with y’all, like fun for me fun for you kind of thing. But to be brutally honest, I have no interest in writing anything I won’t enjoy. In other words, I’d make it fun for me first.

Oh and I might refer myself as a person from time to time, I’ve been standing with two feet for a good number of years and have developed some fingers that grew from my paws David William from FishelSalvador. A very confusing time indeed.

Feel free to leave comments whenever you feel like it. I might fail but I’ll try my best not to answer them.

So finally to answer the first BWT: It’s because of this..

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